Meet the Elementary School Intervention Specialists

Amber Smith

Mrs. Smith has worked at Cloverleaf for 23 years and currently serves students in kindergarten and 2nd grade. She has her Bachelors in Developmentally Handicapped K-12 and Masters in Technology Integration. She is married with three children: Corey, Cailee, and Cassidy. Mrs. Smith says that Cloverleaf has become a part of her family. She would choose reading over any other hobby, and she reads 20-30 books each summer! She has always wanted to be a teacher and knew she wanted to work with children with special needs after working in a facility for adults with disabilities.

Lisa Baranovic

Mrs. Baranovic has worked at Cloverleaf for 4 years and currently serves students in 1st and 3rd grades. She graduated from Ashland University with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and from Cleveland State University with a Master’s degree in Intervention Specialist, PK-3. She is married with two children: Aiden and Lily. Ms. Baranovic shared that she loves rollerskating and was a competitive roller skater until she was 18 years old. She grew up in Cloverleaf Schools and loves it because the focus is always on the students, how to help them achieve more, see themselves as more, and be more than they ever thought they could be. She has always wanted to be a teacher and loves watching students light up when they have that “Ah Ha” moment and realize they can achieve anything they set out to do.

Dalene Clark

This is Mrs. Clark’s second year at Cloverleaf. She currently serves students in 1st and 2nd grades. Mrs. Clark has a Bachelor’s degree from Ashland University and a Master’s degree in Reading and Literacy from Marygrove. She is married with three children: Heidi, Millee, and Boone. She shared that she loves Cloverleaf because the district runs like a well oiled machine and the support here has been unbelievable to prepare her to do her best in the classroom. She also shared that she can say her ABC’s backward!

Ashley Kuzyk

This is Mrs. Kuzyk’s third year at Cloverleaf; previously she served as an intervention specialist and this year her role is Dean of Students of the Elementary School. Mrs. Kuzyk also serves as the coordinator for Safety City and the advisor for CESA. She has a Master’s in Teaching. Her husband Steve graduated from Cloverleaf and she has a daughter, Nora and a dog, Bailey. Mrs. Kuzyk shared that she loves the feeling of community that is inherent to Cloverleaf. She chose to become an educator because of her work experience at Nationwide Children’s Hospital after college graduation. She strongly believes that every child can learn and deserves an advocate.

Jessica Hitchcock

Mrs. Hitchcock has worked at Cloverleaf for 15 years and currently serves 5th grade students. She graduated from Saint Bonaventure University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Education in Special Education. Her family is originally from New York. She is married with two sons who attend Cloverleaf High School. She is an active member in the Medina County 4-H program and her husband is retired from the United States Air Force after 24 years of service. She enjoys spending time outside. The Cloverleaf district has become a “home away from home” for her family. She used to be a horse trainer when she lived in New York, and ran her own 4-H club until she was 24. As a child, she struggled with reading and wanted to help students that struggled with school as well. Her long term life goal is to establish her own therapeutic horseback riding program for students and adults with disabilities.

Laura Haas

Mrs. Haas has worked at Cloverleaf for 7 years and currently serves 4th grade students. She is married with boy-girl twins and a cat. She graduated from the University of Akron with a Bachelor of Science in Middle Level Education and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education. She shared that Cloverleaf is special to her because of the community within our school. Outside of school, Mrs. Haas enjoys cooking and gardening. She always wanted to be a teacher, even from a young age. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing the “light bulb” moment when she helps a student achieve mastery of a skill.

Amy Serafinchon

Mrs. Serafinchon has worked at Cloverleaf for 18 years. She graduated from the University of Toledo and Cloverleaf High School. She shared that Cloverleaf is like home and has a special place in her heart. She has been to almost every state in the United States! She has yet to visit the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii and one day she hopes to visit all of the states. Mrs. Serafinchon has three children, 2 dogs, and a cat. Her son Ben is a freshman at Kent State University majoring in computer science. Joshua and Emily attend Wooster High School. She began her special education career because her aunt worked in the filed. She loves working with kids and helping children grow to the best of their abilities. She shared, “Not only do I teach the kids in my room everyday but I learn something everyday from the kids in my class.”

Leighann Reep

Mrs. Reep has worked at Cloverleaf for 16 years and currently serves students in 5th grade. She graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s degree as a Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist (K-12) and from the University of Akron with a Master’s degree and reading endorsement. She is married with three children: Kaylee, Lillian, and Clayton. She loves the Cloverleaf family-like environment and chose to be an educator because she has always enjoyed helping others and wanted to have a positive impact on children. She shared, “I am the youngest of three children and my parents were convinced I was going to be a boy (ultrasounds were not routinely completed back then). My name was going to be Patrick Joseph. When I was born, my parents had to come up with a different name, so I was named after both of my grandmothers (Leona, who went by the name Leigh, and Anna)!”

Carolyn Schweppe

Mrs. Schweppe has worked at Cloverleaf for 8 years. She attended Bowling Green University and Kent State University for her degree in Special Education. She has three grown children: Austin, Scott, and Maria. She was born in San Antonio, Texas. She loves the happiness at Cloverleaf and wants to bring happiness to a child’s day. She became an educator because she wanted to do something every day that she enjoys, and she enjoys teaching and seeing students learn and grow.

Ashley Beisecker

Ms. Beisecker has worked at Cloverleaf for four years, primarily with students in third grade. She has a pet pig named Henri Bakn and a cat named Hilde Mae. In her spare time, she collects vintage Pyrex. She loves working with students and seeing them make growth and the sense of community at Cloverleaf.

Rachel Connelly

Mrs. Connelly is in her third year at Cloverleaf and serves students in the Colts Online Learning Academy. She has a master’s degree and is an only child. She has been married with one daughter and a black lab. She was a figure skater from the age of 3 to 17. She chose to be an educator because she had such a wonderful experience in school and wanted to provide that for other children. Coming to Cloverleaf has been a rejuvenation with positive, energetic, ambitious, kind, helpful, and loving staff, parents and students.

Lana Goad

Mrs. Goad is in her tenth year teaching and her seventh year at Cloverleaf Elementary School! She graduated from Ashland University as an Intervention Specialist Moderate/Intensive and obtained her masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She have always wanted to be an Intervention Specialist and follow in her mother’s footsteps! She shared, “It brings me so much joy to work with students and provide them with instruction and a love of learning that will last them a lifetime!” At home, She has boy/girl twins who are almost 2 years old. She loves to read books, go for walks and play outside. She loves spending time with family and friends and wants to travel the world one day!

Pattie Roush

Pattie has been with Cloverleaf Local Schools as a preschool intervention specialist and this year is working with students PK-3 in the Colts Online Learning Academy. She lives in the district and could not be more proud to work within her community. She is married and have two children who attend Cloverleaf as well. She has a Bachelors of Arts degree in elementary education from Bethany College and is pursuing her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing the eager faces of her students learning something new and achieving goals that did not seem possible. Every year brings new challenges and new rewarding experiences, and she couldn’t love it more.

Special Education COVID-19 Reopening Updates

Dear Parents, 

We are looking forward to having our students back next week!  Here are a few special education department updates regarding the reopening:

  • All IEP, 504, and ETR meetings will be held via video and/or teleconference during the 2020-2021 school year.  
  • Masks are required for in person instruction.  Please bring a doctor’s note for your child if he/she has a disability preventing him/her from wearing a mask.
  • Clear masks are available for staff or students for students with communication and hearing needs or by request
  • Students enrolled in the Colts Online Learning Academy with an IEP will be served via online services and telehealth following the distance learning plan developed with you and your child’s IEP team.
  • All students enrolled in person with an IEP will have a contingency plan developed in order to prepare for the possibility of another school closure in the future.  You will be contacted by your child’s IEP case manager for input on the plan and you can request a full IEP team meeting to discuss any concerns you may have with your child’s ability to access instruction in an online setting.

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you,

Nicole K. Stalter

Director of Special Services

Instructional Continuity for All Students

Dear Families of Students Receiving Special Education Services,

Our Cloverleaf staff recognize the significant impact this state mandated closure will have on our entire community, students, families, and staff. While many things may remain uncertain, what we can say with certainty is that our district staff cares deeply about your student and recognize families of students receiving special education services will be uniquely impacted by these closures. We wanted to acknowledge that you and your family may be experiencing significant impacts in your home life.

Special Education staff are working diligently to provide materials and resources to our students and families during the closure.  We are also rescheduling IEP meetings to occur online or via phone beginning March 30th. Your child’s case manager will give you instructions on how you can participate in the IEP meeting when you are contacted to reschedule.  

Take care of yourself, your family, and your community.

Nicole Stalter
Director of Special Services
Cloverleaf Local Schools  

Medina County District Library: Sensory Kits Now Available

News from the Medina County District Library:
Sensory Kits are now located at Children’s and Reference service desks at all library locations (Medina, Brunswick, Lodi, Highland, Buckeye, Seville, and Bookmobile) and can be accessed at any time for use within the library.

They are available for all ages and needs but are geared toward adults and youth with autism or sensory challenges. These kits include items that can facilitate a calming affect for people dealing with sensory issues, such as stress balls, weighted blankets, and noise cancelling headphones. MCDL wants the library to be a safe, calm place everyone can enjoy.

The kits were made possible through funding from Rotary Club of Medina Sunrise and a grant from Autism Speaks.

For more information, visit: